Watch an Agitated Antelope Take Down a Pesky Drone in One Swift Charge (VIDEO)

Drones and wild animals don’t always mix and with good reason. Animals often see the noisy, swirling drones as aggressive predators and respond in kind, occasionally knocking the flying whirligigs out of the air.

That’s what happened with these lions, this chimpanzee, this kangaroo, and this eagle.

And now, an antelope in Texas is the latest animal to go head-to-head with a pesky drone…and win.

In the below clip shot by Travis Higgins, a Pronghorn Antelope (rightfully) got annoyed at Higgins’ invasive imaging drone when it rousted the creature from its resting spotted and preceded to follow it across a plain in Clarendon, Texas.

We’ll let you watch the clip to the end to find out exactly what happens but let’s just say that drone won’t likely be bothering that antelope again anytime soon.

(Note: This video has no sound.)

(Via DIY Photography)