Crazed Geniuses Use Drones to Create Awesome Star Wars Aerial Dogfight (VIDEO)

We’ve covered how photographers and videographers are using flying drones to capture amazing aerial footage but we’ve never seen anything quite like this. The creatives at CooridorDigital joined forces with the expert drone pilots at Rotor Riot to create an epic aerial battle that looks like it’s straight out of a Star Wars movie.

We can’t even begin to tell you how they did this, other than it mixes actual footage from drones with Star Wars miniatures and smart special effects. But it’s probably best to just watch the amazing “Drone Stars Wars” video below and then check out the behind-the-scenes “Recreating Star Wars with Drones!” video below that to understand what’s going on.

All we can say is: Genius!

(Via DIY Photography)

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Awesome idea! We absolutely LOVE it!