This Teenage Photographer Has Become World Famous for Capturing Stunning Rocket Launch Images (VIDEO)

We’ve covered rocket launch photographers before but none of them have been like John Kraus. Kraus is an 18-year-old photographer who has earned international fame capturing stunning images of rocket launches.

In the below video, VICE News follows Kraus around as “he tries to perfect a shot that’s eluded him for years.” Kraus is based on Florida’s “Space Coast” where he shoots rocket launches as a member of the media.

“I feel like it’s a viable career option, which is why I’ve decided to go all in on it,” Kraus says. “I have access with what I do to something that not a lot of people do, so I really want to show what the space program is doing. I want to share how great space is to the everyday person.”

That’s a noble aspiration and one that Kraus is able to achieve through his out-of-this-world imagery. Watch the clip below where he sets out to photograph a SpaceX rocket launch at Cape Canaveral in a unique way, and then check out these three other rocket photography stories we have featured recently.

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