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Using a slow film (ISO 100)--or the equivalent setting on your digital camera--will give you more-saturated colors and finer grain than will faster films. To further accentuate brilliant colors, try holding a polarizing filter in front of your camera's lens on a sunny day. This filter must be used at a 90° angle to the sun to polarize its rays. You'll get more-saturated blue skies, and a polarizer will also remove surface reflections from wet leaves for richer color.

Autumn leaves and a basket of apples spells "Fall."

Although many colorful photo opportunities await you, consider doing a little black-and-white photography. There are a number of great black-and-white emulsions on the market if you're shooting film, or you can make a simple adjustment on a digital camera to create black-and-white images. Ansel Adams shot many fall masterpieces in black-and-white.

If you're out taking pictures and the weather turns foul, protect your camera inside your jacket, camera bag or another dry place until you're ready to use it. A plastic bag will usually keep your camera dry, but if it gets wet, dry it off immediately. You might also consider getting a splashproof compact camera if your picture-taking involves a lot of shooting around water.

Don't overlook small details, such as this small leaf silhouetted behind a larger, backlit one.

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During autumn, everything we see in the environment look so beautiful that can be used for great photography works. - Ellerslie Mission Society