Our Picture This! assignment this month was “Silhouette,” using exposure and composition to create an iconic form within the frame. The exposure technique involves choosing a brightly lit background, making a reading of that value and then having the form, or subject, sit between you and the light source. Readers responded with a host of subjects ranging from sculptural figures to wildlife to natural forms. We were excited by the many great images we received and choosing from among them was one of our toughest editing assignments yet.

Six Minutes Of Beauty

Paul Ortiz wrote about this photo made in Al Asad, Iraq, “Every night we had six minutes of beauty. The sun was always so full.” He made the photo with a Sony Cyber-shot on Auto mode.
© Paul Ortiz

Shadow Dancer

Norm Zareski photographed the beautiful form of this dancer at the Angels Gate Cultural Center in San Pedro, California, with a Canon EOS 7D and an EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II lens. Exposure was f/5 at 1/60 sec at ISO 100.
© Norm Zareski

Wine Store Window

While waiting for friends before dinner Tom Speropulos made this “live” collage with a Nikon D300 and a Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 DX lens. Exposure was f/8 at 1/250 sec at ISO 1600. This serendipitous photo shows why you should always have your camera with you.
© Tom Speropulos


Late afternoon sun streaming through the windows of London’s Tate Modern museum cast visitors into silhouettes for a few brief moments, wrote Michael L. McDougall. Exposure with a Nikon D80 and a Tamron AF 18-250mm lens was f/16 at 1/1600 sec.
© Michael L. McDougall

Spinning Wheel

Emilio Fernandez made this photo at the Heritage Village Museum in Cincinnati, Ohio. Exposure with a Hasselblad 6x4.5 and an 80mm lens on T-Max 100 film was f/16 at
1/100 sec.
© Emilio Fernandez

Sunset At The Beach

Sandra Wittman caught just the right moment as this child played on the rocks and birds flew overhead at sunset. Exposure with a Canon EOS 40D and an EF 70-300mm lens was f/11 at 1/60 sec at ISO 200.
© Sandra Wittman

Sunrise On The St. Johns River

Taken on a cold, foggy morning, this photo by Adalberto Henriquez, MD, caught all the atmosphere of the moment. Exposure with a Canon EOS 40D and an EF 17-85mm lens was f/8 at 1/200 sec.
© Adalberto Henriquez, MD

Four Captains

This dramatic photo was made on the Brenham High School practice field in Brenham, Texas, by Yvonne Tomlinson, a teacher at the school. Exposure with a Canon EOS 40D and a Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 lens was f/14 at 1/800 sec.
© Yvonne Tomlinson

Ruby Beach

Twilight is a special time at Ruby Beach at the Olympic National Park and Michel Hersen was there to capture the moment. Exposure with a Nikon D300 and a Sigma 18-200mm lens was f/18 at 1/15 sec at ISO 400.
© Michel Hersen

U Bein Bridge

Nina Laserson Dunn wrote of this photo made in Mandalay, Myanmar, “Monks and others ‘commute’ across Taungthaman Lake on this bridge built out of Burmese teak in 1849.” Exposure with a Canon EOS-1D Mark IV and an EF 70-200mm f/4L lens was f/4 at 1/2000 sec.
© Nina Laserson

Yosemite Ledge At Sunset

This intricate play of design and light was photographed by Elliott Ferguson with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi and a Sigma 18-125mm lens with an exposure of f/5.6 at 1/60 sec.
© Elliott Ferguson

Clos Pegase Art

The silhouetted form plays off against a colorful background with angled shadows in this photo by Amy Fulmer made at the Clos Pegase Winery in California. Exposure with a Nikon D70 and a Sigma 28-300mm lens was f/3.5 at 1/250 sec.
© Amy Fulmer

Pelicans At Sunset

Irwin H. Segel photographed this flock in flight in Isla Pajaros, Yucatan, Mexico, with a Nikon D7000 and a Nikkor 70-300mm VR lens using an exposure of f/11 at 1/800 sec at ISO 400.
© Irwin H. Segel

The Dive

Shot from the pool deck looking up at divers during competition at the University of Florida, Ralph Bonna made this photo with a Sony A100 and a Sony 75-200mm lens. Exposure was f/4.5 at 1/1000 sec at ISO 200.
© Ralph Bonna

From A Kayak

Raymond Uzanas made this photo while kayaking through a tunnel underneath a railroad crossing in Mystic, Connecticut, with a Canon PowerShot G12. Exposure at ISO 320 was f/2.8 at 1/30 sec.
© Raymond Uzanas

Picture This! – Our Next Assignment

Our next Picture This! assignment is Panoramics. More and more cameras are offering easy panorama modes, with some giving you guides to overlapping for each frame and others offering “sweep” panoramas, where you simply move the camera across the field of view and the built-in processor does all the work for you. In either case panoramas are great fun and can really show off a scene unlike any single lens.

This photo was made using a Sony SLT Alpha 55’s panoramic “sweep” function at the shore of a lake in the Grand Tetons with an exposure of f/5.6 at 1/160 sec.
© George Schaub

Please Read This
It is important that you read and follow these guidelines. We need to follow this procedure because of the large volume of images we receive. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at:

1) Images sent to us cannot be returned. You retain complete copyright over the images, but do grant us permission to print your image(s) in the magazine and on our website,

2) Because images are not returned please send a quality print or duplicate transparency. We will not accept or view images on CD, ZIP, or any other electronic media.

3) Images will be selected on the basis of content and technical quality. Please mark your outer envelope with the topic of the month (for example, “Wide View”).

4) Enclose a short caption with the image stating camera, lens, film and exposure, plus location. If you are submitting an image with a recognizable person we must have a model release or signed permission from that person to reproduce their image in the magazine and on the website.

5) Please submit no more than three photos for consideration (4x6 up to 81/2x11).

Send your image and information to:
Picture This! Shutterbug Magazine,
1415 Chaffee Dr., Suite #10, Titusville, FL 32780.
Deadline for submission: August 15, 2012.
Images will appear in our November 2012 issue.
Our next topic: Made In The Shade
Deadline: September 15, 2012
Publication Date: December, 2012

Please note: We receive hundreds of submissions for Picture This! each month and want to be sure we properly identify each image we publish. Please put your name and all camera, exposure information on the back of the print or attached to slides when submitting. Also, please include your e-mail address in case we need to contact you.

Want to see images selected for past Picture This! assignments? Go to and click on Picture This! in the “More Articles…” box on the homepage.

Please note: If you submit images with an enhancement through software beyond contrast, exposure, and simple saturation adjustments please indicate the software and “filter” used to attain that effect.—Editor

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