Shutterbug Photo of the Day: “Another Realm” by Jesse Thornton

Our Shutterbug Photo of the Day by Jesse Thornton evokes dark visions of a strange and shadowy world.

“The full moon appears to be cradled by the sheer rock cliff walls of Seneca Rocks as it rises amidst the gathering night time clouds," Thorton writes. "Pendleton County, West Virginia, USA. Seneca Rocks is the only "true" peak on the Eastern Coast of the United States, with the peak being only accessible to rock climbers, while I trail leads up to the side of the crag where hikers can come face to face with the very top. I hiked to the top earlier in the day and came down to wait in a field at the bottom for 2 hours to capture this moon-rise where I knew it would appear between the rocky cliff faces shortly after sunset."

This image was captured with a Pentax K-3 and Pentax 55-300mm DA WR lens at 210mm. The foreground and moon/sky are two separate shots taken within 10 seconds of each other with the settings of: ISO 800, f/16, 1/15 sec for the foreground and same settings, different shutter speed of 1/45 sec for the moon and sky.

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