SeaLife Unveils New Micro HD Permanently Sealed Underwater Camera

SeaLife, the creator of the first digital underwater camera and a leader in underwater photography equipment, has unveiled the new Micro HD camera, a permanently sealed underwater compact camera. SeaLife’s Perma-Seal technology makes the Micro HD waterproof and virtually maintenance-free. This is the first of a series of SeaLife cameras that will utilize the Perma-Seal technology for a wide range of users, from beginners to advanced photographers and divers.

 “With newer users, it is especially important that we deliver a camera that’s packed with useful features while being free of intimidating technical maintenance,” said Bjorn Harms, SeaLife's lead developer. “The Micro HD provides the user with simple access to the marvels of the undersea world. Measuring a mere four inches wide, this new camera is easy to bring along on any trip.”

The idea to develop the camera came about during regular dive tests: more participants were showing up on dive boats with point-of-view (POV) cameras and (in many cases) this was their first underwater imaging experience. The idea behind the Micro HD is simplicity with no maintenance other than a freshwater wash. The camera’s HD videos and still images are transferred using a USB cable (that attaches to the camera’s waterproof body) or wirelessly using WiFi to a smartphone or tablet (this feature is available with the 32GB WiFi model).

The maintenance-free battery offers more than three hours of run time. The 2350 mAh lithium-ion battery is nearly twice the size and capacity of similar batteries in other cameras and SeaLife also added sufficient onboard memory to capture hours of video or thousands of 13MP images, as well as a large 2.4-inch LCD display and a 140-degree, wide-angle, distortion-free lens.

Here's a breakdown on pricing for this new underwater camera.

• Micro HD Underwater Camera (16GB) $399.95

• Micro HD+ Underwater Camera (35GB, WiFi) $499.95

• Micro HD+ Sea Dragon Pro Set (32GB, Wifi) with Sea Dragon 2000, micro tray, grip and a Sea Dragon case $899.95

More information on SeaLife here.