Powerful iOS App Lets You Blend, Transform, Create Masks, Combine, Adjust Exposure & More

Superimpose is a robust iOS app that quickly performs a variety of tedious Photoshop functions on your iPhone or iPad with a few taps of the screen. It offers a variety of exposure controls and filters, but the real strength of this app is its ability to automatic more complex tasks like blends, masks, blending, blurs and superimposed images.

The app’s clean, simple interface is a joy to use, and there are very good instructions in the help section if you run into problems. Once you load your background or foreground image, simply mask out the unwanted portion of the background, position what’s left in the foreground, adjust exposure, contrast saturation and other parameters, and BOOM! You’re done.

The only real problem with Superimpose is that once you get started, it’s sort of hard to stop. And for less than a buck, what do you have to lose?

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Is it available for android users as well? I am seeing its a pretty good photo editor for usual kind of editing task.