Our 5 Favorite Photo Gadgets & Gizmos: Pocket Sized Gear On the Go

Lastolite’s EzyBounce Bounce Card: The new EzyBounce is a foldable compact bounce card that fits directly (and securely) to a shoe-mounted flashgun. This bounce card is designed to help photographers achieve a softer lighting effect and eliminate any harsh shadows that may be created when using a direct flash. It has four different on-flash configurations and a compact/foldable design. The new EzyBounce Bounce Card features a fixing-strap that lets you use it with the majority of shoe-mounted flashguns—the carry case is included. The suggested retail price is $29.99.

More info ont eh EzyBounce Bounce Card here.


SPECTRA2: A compact pro quality LED Panel, the SPECTRA2 features state-of-the-art LED SMT technology, which guarantees images with perfect color rendition and flicker-free functionality. SPECTRA2 is ideal for on camera use (with the included new ball-head) and off camera use. The LED device can emit 650lux (dimmable) and provides an increase in the light output due to the Boost mode (+50 percent). The color temperature of the is Daylight 5600K but it can be changed with a diffuser and filter gel. SPECTRA2 uses six AA batteries and offers optional AC or L-Type Li-ion battery adaptors. The suggested retail price is $219.99.

More info on the SPECTRA2 here


The Lume Cube: The Lume Cube is built for action and provides pro quality lighting for your photos and videos. Featuring manual and bluetooth controls, this small (1.5-inch) device provides 1,500 lumens of bright light and is waterproof to depths of 100 feet. It has a 1/4 20 mount on the bottom and the Lume Cube also has a smartphone app that allows for fully adjustable flash duration and brightness. Created to work well with the GoPro Hero camera the Lume Cube provides nearly 2 hours of battery life at 50 percent power (it takes an hour to charge the device with the USB charger). The Lume Cube is available in your choice of black, grey or silver and has a retail value of $79.99.

More info on the Lume Cube here.



Gary Fong’s Lightbulb Adapter Kit: The Lightbulb Adapter Kit includes a Lightsphere Adapter that helps users create the look of an off camera flash. This kit is compatible with the Lightsphere Collapsible Speed Mount (generation 5) and the Speed Snoot and it fits any standard mount light stand. The Lightbulb Adapter Kit provides users with the ability to create pro quality light at a fraction of the cost of traditional studio lighting. Users are able to pre-visualize the effects of various lighting set-ups and are provided the pro look of a diffused strobe light without the confusion of syncing, metering and modeling. Videographers enjoy the ease-of-use and reliable quality-of-light, and pro videographers appreciate maintaining their light efficiency while capturing soft, natural skin tones. The suggested retail price is $49.95.

More info on the Gary Fong Lightbulb Adapter Kit here.


Gitzo Tripod Shoulder Strap: Tripods are a must have item for photographers but carrying one around while on location can become a problem. This Gitzo shoulder strap is a clever and easy to use carrying solution designed for use with most of Gitzo tripods. This strap features a comfortable shoulder pad and weighs just 0.44 pounds. The suggested retail price is $50.

More info on the Gitzo Tripod Shoulder Strap here.