This Is the ONE Thing You Need to Do to Become a SUCCESSFUL Boudoir Photographer

Marco Ibanez is a successful Washington DC-based boudoir photographer who we've featured several times on Shutterbug for his boudoir tips, tricks and tutorials. Ibanez recently turned the tables in one of his videos, interviewing boudoir photographer Danielle Martine, who he calls "a super talented woman and boudoir photographer based in Connecticut."

The title of Ibanez's discussion with Martine is "The One Thing You Must Do to Become a Successful Boudoir Photographer," so you know it's going to be juicy and filled with insight for up-and-coming boudoir photographers.

"This is the first of many interviews I plan to do with some of the best boudoir photographers in the industry," Ibanez explains. "My idea is to provide you with insights into the way they work, the equipment they use, and the stories behind their success. In this interview, Danielle talks about the influence of her formal education as a photographer, the equipment she uses to create her beautiful images (and how she destroys it!), and the ONE thing you must do to succeed in the industry!"

In the video, Ibanez also showcases Martine's boudoir photos, which he calls "fantastic…her images look almost like paintings. They are pieces of art."

The video is on the long side – nearly 40 minutes – but it's filled with great information about becoming a boudoir photographer, so you won't want to miss any of it. Check out more of Ibanez's videos on his YouTube channel and see more of Martine's photos on her Instagram page and her website.