Olympus 8mm FishEye Lens for E-System Digital SLR Cameras

Olympus Imaging America Inc. has introduced the new Zuiko Digital ED 8mm F3.5 Full Frame Fisheye Lens. The Zuiko 8mm fisheye is designed to be digital specific and render sharp edge-to-edge images, in an easy to handle size, and with a close focus of less than 5 ½ inches.

Along with its many attributes this 8mm fisheye promises to set a new professional standard for ultra wide-angle underwater photography because it can be used in conjunction with the EVOLT E-300 digital SLR and the new PT-EO1 underwater housing and PPO-E04 lens port at depths of up to 196 feet (60m).

This full frame fisheye lens has a 180º field of view diagonally to the Four Thirds image sensor, and a focal length of 8mm (equivalent to 16mm in a 35mm camera). Because of this it can be used to create extremely dramatic photographic images that cannot be seen unaided with the human eye. Because this lens is specifically designed for digital cameras and conforms to the "Four Thirds System," it will provide reliable photographic performance even at the edges of the images.

With a minimum focusing distance of 5.3 inches (0.79 inch from the front of the lens to the subject), this lens can be used to approach the subject aggressively for wide-close-up photography. This feature is the key to the creation of images with exaggerated perspective effects.

Because of the different refractive indexes of light in air and water, the angle of view underwater will be reduced to approximately 153º, and since it is often more difficult to capture light underwater, it is necessary to get closer to the subject. To remedy the problem, the super-close-up capability of this lens allows photography of the subject just 0.79 inch from the front of the lens to achieve the wide-close-up effects for which fisheye lenses are famous.

The new Zuiko Digital ED 8mm f3.5 Fisheye will go on sale in January 2006.

Estimated Street Price: $799.95