Mitsubishi Electric Intros New Color Duplex Photo Printer

Mistubishi Electric’s new CP‐W5000DW duplex dye‐sublimation color printer is designed to be a compact, versatile, and reliable printing machine that can output high-quality two-sided photo prints in a snap. The new CP‐W5000DW photo printer, which can shoot out duplex photo prints in standard sizes from 4 x 6 inches up to 8 x 12 inches, can fit on a small table or desk and weighs just under 64 pounds.

The Mistubishi CP‐W5000DW allows event, wedding and other types of photographers to offer their customers a diverse selection of photo products that can be produced quickly and, if needed, on site. The easy-to-use CP-W5000DW printer is capable of quickly creating double-sided prints (in bright colors) in seconds and is ideal for items such as photo books, desk calendars, post cards and greeting cards—even in large batches.

Here's a rundown of the features of the Mistubishi CP‐W5000DW, which retails for $6,495.


• It prints 8x10” dual‐sided photos in as little as 75 seconds, and 8x12” in about 83 seconds (gloss or satin).

• Runs Windows 7/8 with a buffer size of 128MB.

• Featuring a built‐in vertical (and horizontal) paper cutter to generate various print sizes from one media.

• Prints all standard photo sizes from 4x6 inches to 8x12 inches, including 6-inch as well as 8-inch square formats.

• It is capable of minimal power consumption when in Idle mode to save energy.

More info on the Mistubishi CP-W5000DW printer here.