Meet Luminar: A New, Full-Featured Image-Editing Program for Mac Users for Only $59

The folks at MacPhun are really excited about the launch of their new all-in-one desktop image-editing program for Mac users, calling Luminar, “The most fantastic piece of software we’ve ever created.” This robust program was designed to deliver both simplicity and creativity for photographers who desire a less-expensive alternative to Photoshop.

Luminar is said to be an “adaptive” image-editing tool, meaning the user interface will adjust to your skill level and preferences. With a broad array of presets and workspaces, the new program offers over 35 custom filters—each with its own set of precise controls and built-in visual tips.

MacPhun refers to Luminar’s customizable workspaces as “personalized darkrooms” that feature only the tools required for the type of photography you do. You have the option of adding additional filters to a given workspace, or even creating personal workspaces of your own.

Other features of Luminar include native raw processing, easy-to-use sky-replacement tools, layers and custom textures, noise reduction, selective top-and-bottom adjustment, plug-in support, and much more. Pre-orders are available beginning November 2 on MacPhun’s website where you can read more about this robust, full-featured tool.

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