Lowel-Light EDU

Lowel-Light has posted a new lesson to its growing online educational Lighting Resource Center, Lowel EDU at lowel.com. The lesson, "Color Temperature & Color Rendering Index DeMystifyed" tackles a subject that has had new and old pro's scratching their heads for years. That subject is understanding and working with the color of lighting sources encountered on location.

"Our eyes adjust instantly to changes in color temperature, as we go from outdoors to indoors, or from tungsten living room to fluorescent kitchen." said Lowel Director of Communications, Duane Sherwood. "It can be something we just assume the camera will also take care automatically. But to have full creative control over your image, and to create a visual style that separates you from your competition, this subject is as important as any."

The lesson deciphers such topics as 'the difference between color temperature, and correlated color temperature', as well as the equally puzzling 'color rendering index (CRI)'. "Color rendering index has become an important thing to understand in the last few years, as we've become used to using fluorescent and LED sources in imaging." Sherwood explained. "Shooters have wondered why they couldn't get the same color quality out of a less expensive hardware store daylight flo, that they see from a photo quality daylight flo. Often, the difference is CRI, and this lesson spells it out clearly and concisely."

Lowel EDU is a free lighting resource center at lowel.com, containing numerous lessons, both foundational and practical, on all aspects of lighting for contemporary imaging. With lessons on such topics, as 'Understanding Soft Light', "Lighting for HD", and "Green Screen Lighting", it has become very popular location for new pro's, industry mavens, and educational photo/video programs. There is also a full glossary of lighting terms, and even a daily Twitter posting of lighting advice gems.