Is This Lightroom’s Most Hidden Editing Secret? (VIDEO)

Pro photographer Mark Denney is an expert at uncovering all the best secret tricks in Lightroom and in his latest video he says he’s found the program’s “most hidden editing secret” yet. Best of all, this overlooked tool in Lightroom is incredibly useful for cropping images.

“There’s a ton of tools inside of Lightroom, and for the most part the majority of them are easy locate, but there is one powerful tool that in not easy to find as it's buried within the menu system,” Denney explains. “Now this tool has been out for a while now, but you rarely hear folks talking about it as I believe many aren't aware this is even available. It's not really something you'll find within your normal day to day Lightroom workflow.”

So, what is this mysterious tool? It’s called Enhance and you can use it to do extreme crops on images without losing too much resolution or image quality.

Denney wasn’t familiar with it until recently and now he uses it whenever he shoots images with a lower resolution camera – such as his Fujifilm X-T4 and wants to crop in on a specific section without degrading the quality.

“It actually escaped me for the better part of a year until I read an article about it and started to do some investigative work,” he says. “So I hope you'll uncover something new that you can apply to your Lightroom workflow moving forward.”

Check out the video below where he explains how to use it. If you want to learn more about other hidden features in Lightroom, check out this story with another overlooked but handy tool and this video with five secret Lightroom tools that pros use to fool you.