The ioShutter SLR System Lets You Control Your Camera from Apple's Mobile Devices

If you want to move out from behind the camera and join the fun by getting into your shots, the ioShutter SLR is an innovative system that allows photographers to connect their DSLR camera to an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and control it remotely. With the aid of the ioShutter cable and a companion app, you can remotely trigger the camera’s shutter from your mobile device. This clever setup lets you easily capture high quality family portraits, landscapes/cityscapes, time-lapse shots (or films) or selfies from a distance.

Designed to be easier to use and more reliable than some competing iOS shutter releases, this pocket-sized system also controls the autofocus function on your camera to help you snap sharp images. It is compatible with Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Pentax, Samsung and Hasselblad cameras and sells for $69.95.

More info on the ioShutter SLR here.