How to Shoot Epic Photos of the Winter Wonderland (VIDEO)

Outdoor photography in winter requires doing things a bit differently, especially when fluffy fresh-fallen snow paints the landscape white. This behind-the-scenes tutorial from the First Man Photography YouTube channel discusses exposure settings, composition and other important considerations that will help you get the job done.

Instructor Adam Karnacz is a professional British pro specializing in landscape and macro photography. In this episode he provides a number of great tips while hiking through stunning snow-covered hills and woodlands with interesting light, sparkling hoarfrost, and other elements we only see in winter.

Karnacz says "I'm almost struggling for words" as he stumbles upon one breathtaking scene after another. His goal is to capture "print-worthy photos," and you'll be able to do the same by following his straightforward advice. He hurriedly mounts his camera atop a tripod on the banks of a small lake, fearful that the epic condition will soon fade into the mist.

He's scouted the location during more inviting weather, something he advises all photographers do so they'll know what to expect upon their return on a challenging day. Thus, he had a preconceived notion of how to compose his shots to take advantage of ethereal fog, reflections on the water, ducks floating past, and snow-laden trees framing the entire scene.

You'll see how Karnacz employs both telephoto and wide-angle lenses to capture images with a variety of looks from the same camera position. He also demonstrates the power of negative space for making the most of minimalist locations like this.

After explaining how he captured several amazing photos during this moment of solitude, Karnacz continues his hike and demonstrates his techniques for dealing with different, but equally impressive, winter locations. The clouds begin to clear, revealing a slice of blue in the sky that requires modifying exposure and other camera settings.

There's a moment of humor during Karnacz' stroll through the winter wonderland because of his "irrational fear" of a small group of cows that calls for a quick detour as he heads for the next spot. He explains that "I don't like them because they're bigger than me."

Regardless of  how you feel about shivering bovines, you'll prick up some great tips for photographing the winter landscape wherever you live. Just be sure to dress warmly, protect your gear, and you can't wrong. And after returning to a warm home, be sure to check out the First Man Photography YouTube channel where there's much more to learn.

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