How to Edit RAW Images for Landscape Photography: 5 Beginner Tips

Beginner landscape photographers who are making the jump from shooting JPEGs to capturing RAW image files would do well to check out the below tutorial from Mark Denney. In the video at the bottom of this post, Denney discusses five beginner steps to edit better RAW landscape photos.

"I think one of the top milestones for a new photographer is when they begin the gradual shift away from shooting everything in JPEG and start leaning more towards shooting in RAW," Denney says. "Now I don't think you must always shoot in RAW in order to become a better photographer but shooting in RAW forces you to better understand the editing process which I do believe will make you a better photographer."

Here is Denney's simple five-step process that he uses on every RAW landscape photo he edits.

#1 Correct Exposure

#2 Adjust White Balance

#3 Add Contrast

#4 Enhance Colors

#5 Enhance Details

"This step-by-step process is easy to remember and can be applied to any type of photo you edit," he concludes. "My goal with this video is that you'll be able to walk away with an easy-to-follow structure that'll enable you to feel more comfortable and confident when editing your RAW landscape photos."

Watch below as Denney takes you through each of the five steps for editing RAW images while working on some of his own landscape photos. After you view the video, hop over to his channel and hit the subscribe button to receive all of his top-notch landscape photography tips and tutorials including this video where he shares what he says is the "single best tool to improve your landscape photos."