Great News: Photography is NOT Bad For Your Brain After All!

We caused a minor uproar recently after posting a study indicating that taking too many photos can be bad for your brain by impairing memory and distorting reality. Well, take heart, because a newer study published by the American Psychological Association indicates that people who photograph their experiences actually enjoy them more.

The study included 2000 participants, and found that taking pictures actually amplifies the enjoyment of positive experiences by heightening the photographer’s “engagement” with the experience. A number of other studies not specifically related to photography have also concluded that engagement has a pivot effect on the degree to which people enjoy their experiences.

The study cited above found that, “As further evidence of the engagement process, we show that photo-taking directs greater visual attention to aspects of the experience one may want to photograph."

Bottom line: Don’t worry, be happy, take more photographs.

Via Digital Trends