Good News for Nik Software Users: DXO Has Acquired the Popular Collection and Updates Are Coming

Back in June, photographers were dismayed to learn that Google was no longer planning to support or update their popular Nik Collection of free image-editing software. This morning, however, DXO Labs announced they have acquired the widely used suite of Photoshop and Lightroom plugins, with an update to be forthcoming in mid-2018.

The Nik Collection currently includes seven plugins offering photographers a wide array of capabilities from film emulation, sharpening and noise reduction, to color correction, black-and-white conversion, and HDR processing. There’s also a plugin for selectively adjusting the color and tonality of an image without complicated masks or selections.

The current version of the Nik collection is now available for free on the DXO Labs website, and we’ll keep you posted on when DXO introduces a new version next year. At this point there’s no word on whether the updated version will remain a free download.