Give Photos SWIRLY Bokeh with a Cheap CCTV Lens on Your Mirrorless Camera (VIDEO)

One of the first characteristics many photographers consider when evaluating a lens is how it renders out-of-focus portions of an image. Often referred to as background blur or bokeh, this attribute imparts a unique look and feel to an image that can be very visually appealing.

If you’ve explored this topic in the past, you know that the quality of bokeh is a subjective matter and can vary from lens to lens. In the quick video below you'll discover a cheap alternative to modern bokeh-rich lenses that creates a beautiful out-of-focus effect.

We often refer to French photographer Mathieu Stern as a “weird lens guru,” because he specializes in using oddball vintage lenses on modern mirrorless cameras, with the use of an inexpensive adapter. And that’s what is does today, in the four-minute video below.

The subject of today’s episode is a cheap C-mount security camera lens, known for “swirly” bokeh, that’s available on Amazon and elsewhere for less than $30. You’ll see how to adapt and use this bargain-basement lens with just about any mirrorless camera you own.

Stern provides links to where you can purchase the Fujian 35mm f/1.7 lens in the description beneath the video. He also includes links to a variety of appropriate adapters. By starting out with this inexpensive kit, you’ll be able to play around with this technique before purchasing a more expensive option.

Designed for low-light CCTV cameras, this Fujian lens has a fast maximum aperture that provides plenty of flexibility in dimly lit situations, and it’s extremely compact. Stern explains the simple procedure for adapting the lens to a modern camera, provides examples of image quality, and explains how to get optimum results.

You can find more useful bargains on Stern’s YouTube channel, so be sure and pay a visit.

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