Covering The Photo Beat; A Rangefinder Camera, Weight Bag, And Desktop DVD Burner

Rm3d Rangefinder Camera From ARCA-SWISS
ARCA-SWISS has introduced the Rm3d, a precision handheld rangefinder camera. The body, which is specifically designed for professional handheld film or digital photography, is equipped with vertical and horizontal shift systems and a tilting lens mount. The Rm3d has an auto-locking horizontal and vertical shift system on the film plane AIP (All In Plane). The ARCA-SWISS R-series goes even further by also offering a front tilt system that allows the most efficient use of the available depth of field.
The Rm3d is equipped with a revolutionary built-in handheld electronic focusing aid. The distance to the subject and the depth of field are measured and displayed digitally and include an electronic leveling aid. This versatile camera can be used with a medium format digital or traditional film back of up to 6x9cm, either handheld or with a tripod.

The camera has an ultra precise integrated focusing system, precise to 15 microns, and an exclusive ARCA-SWISS bayonet lens mount. The wide diameter of the lens mount prevents vignetting. There is an extensive selection of high-performance lenses available for this camera. The new, extremely bright Vario finder can cover focal lengths of 23-210mm and eliminates all flare. All controls are easily accessible and ergonomically efficient.

Photography enthusiasts will find that the Rm3d is a solid, compact, and light camera. It comes with either a medium format digital or film back and is ideal for location photography or studio work.

Contact: ARCA-SWISS, Inc.; (773) 248-2513; e-mail:

JTL’s Stand Weight Bag
Ideal for use both outdoors and in the studio, this trapezoid-shaped weight bag measures 23x9x10” and can be used with a C-stand or any heavy-duty light stand. The bag features wide openings with double zippers and it can be filled with sand, rocks, or just about anything at hand.

Contact: JTL Corporation, 14747 Artesia Blvd., 3-G, La Mirada, CA 90638; (714) 670-6626;

SLR Camera Carrier From HoldSLR
HoldSLR has introduced a collapsible SLR camera carrier. This device offers an easy solution to carrying your camera. The carrier incorporates a hook that attaches to nearly any strap or belt and includes an expandable lens boot that accommodates various lens sizes.

Contact: HoldSLR, Inc., 4969 Bur Oak Ln., Parker, CO 80134;

Desktop DVD Burner From EZPnP
The new EZDigiMagic model DM550-P20 offers one-touch direct copying from a flash memory card or USB drive; disc spanning; and time stamping. Weighing under 3 lbs, it features a 2” color viewing screen to preview images from memory cards, USB drives, or CDs/DVDs without the aid of a computer. The suggested retail price is $349.

Contact: EZPnP, 1855 Northwestern Dr., El Paso, TX 79912; (800) 828-6475;

Lowepro’s Camera Bags
The Toploader Pro AW Series was created with the active outdoor photographer in mind. A lightweight, durable bag created for D-SLR cameras, it can be worn holster-style with the strap or belt system. The Toploader Pro AW is available in three models (65, 70, and 75) and prices range from $69.99-$89.99. The Pro Roller x-Series is large enough to serve as a portable studio that includes a laptop computer. It is available in three models (x100, x200, and x300) that all include a TSA-approved retractable cable and lock system. Prices range from $359.99-$479.99.

Contact: DayMen US Inc., Lowepro, 1003 Gravenstein Highway North, Ste. 200, Sebastopol, CA 95472; (707) 827-4000;

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