Phase One Launches More Powerful Capture One Pro 10 Image Editing & Raw Conversion Software

Phase One today released Capture One Pro 10, a powerful upgrade to their Raw conversion and image-editing software package. Designed for pros and amateurs alike, this new version offers an improved user interface, enhanced performance, and compatibility with over 400 digital cameras.

Phase One Capture One Pro 10, with its added power and features, is pegged as a major rival to Adobe's popular Lightroom software, which has dominated the Raw editing application market in recent years.

In explaining the upgraded user experience of Capture One Pro 10, the folks at Phase One say it offers a more intuitive workflow as well as increased speed while browsing, panning and zooming—even while working with a 100% view.

Key features of Capture One Pro 10 include an on-screen proofing mode that takes the guesswork out of the Raw conversion process, and a sophisticated three-stage sharpening system that corrects for diffraction and provides users with a choice of sharpening various elements within an image or the entire file.

The new viewer panel of Capture One Pro 10 delivers a precise, live assessment of images by simulating the final file size, resolution, sharpening and other parameters.

If you’re new to Capture One Pro you can purchase this latest version on the Phase one website for $299. Current users of Capture One Pro 8 or 9 can download an upgrade for $99. There’s also a subscription plan available for $15 per month.

Visit the Phase One website for more details on what Capture One Pro 10 can do for you. The software is a follow-up to Capture One Pro 9, which came out a year ago.

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Why does it have to be a "Lightroom" killer or "iPhone" killer or any other killer? Why can't it just be a Lightroom, iPhone, etc. competitor/alternative?