Are Bigger Lenses Better for Boudoir Photography? (VIDEO)

Does size matter in boudoir photography? Well, that depends but when it comes to lens choices, it's a very interesting question, according to boudoir pro Yuliya Panchenko.

In the below video titled "Is bigger better? Lens Comparison for Boudoir," Panchenko compares a 70-200mm lens that costs $2500 to a 50mm lens, which sells for around $400, during a boudoir shot with model and actress Solange Sanchez. The video is in response to another clip from boudoir photographer Peter Coulson titled "Size Doesn't Matter," according to Panchenko.

Watch below as Panchenko photographs Sanchez using the (big) 70-200mm lens vs the (small) 50mm lens in a range of poses while using the same camera settings and similar framing. If some of the poses look familiar, you may have seen them in a previous serious of short videos from Panchenko on classic posing techniques for boudoir. 

"Both of the images look very similar," Panchenko says after the lens comparison test. "The exposure on the first image (50mm) looks a little bit bright and the image looks bright and that makes sense because the first image was shot with my 50mm lens, which is a prime lens. And the second image is very similar but just with the exposure slightly different, so the image is slightly darker."

Which do think was the better lens for boudoir during these shoots? Check out the video and let us know in the comments. Then visit Panchenko's channel to see all her boudoir tips, tricks and gear advice.

For another interesting lens comparison test, watch this tutorial comparing shooting with a zoom vs shooting with a prime for portraits.