Add Stability To Your Lightstand or Tripod With WaterWeight Inflatable Sack

WaterWeight is a nifty solution for when you need to stabilize your lightstand or tripod while on location (or even in the studio). This lightweight, compact, sack-based system doesn’t add much weight or take up too much space in your camera gear bag.

Simply unroll it (from inside its own handle) and add some water to the sack and suddenly it transforms into a flexible three-pound weight for a lightstand or a tripod. The WaterWeight adds stability and protects your valuable gear from accidental falls.

If more than three pounds is needed, just stack more WaterWeights on top of each other. When folded, it weighs just five ounces and is no bigger than your mobile phone.

The WaterWeight is available in your choice of brown or black and sells for $50.70 each, or $109.85 for a pack of three. WaterWeight may be purchased from Inspired Photo Gear ( for shipment around the world.

More info on WaterWeight here.