7 Secrets to Get Sharper Images Every Time You Shoot (VIDEO)

One of the most common questions from budding photographers is how to improve the level of sharpness in their images. Travel and street photographer Pierre T. Lambert has answers to that question: seven of them, to be precise, which he explains in the below video.

Hyperbolically titled “7 Secrets to Get Sharp Photos for the Rest of Your Life,” Lambert’s latest video might not do that, exactly, but it should get you going down the right path to “infinite sharpness.” Here are the seven main points – plus a bonus tip – that Lambert discusses in the video.

#1 Autofocus Is King

#2 Single Point Focus Is My Queen

#3 Always Be Moving Your Focus Point

#4 Shoot in Single Focus Mode (AF-S)

#5 When to Use Continuous Focus Mode

#6 Shoot 3-4 Images of the Same Scene

#7 When to Shoot Manual

Bonus Tip: Try Tracking Focus

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