6 DIY Photography Gifts for the Holidays (VIDEO)

If you're down to the wire on your Christmas shopping and a photographer, maybe you should consider making your own photo-based gifts this year? If so, check out the below video where photographers from COOPH share six easy DIY (do it yourself) photography gift ideas for the holidays.

"Watch the COOPH team’s tutorial on how to make some simple DIY photography gifts for those last-minute occasions," COOPH says. Watch below as they demonstrate the following six photo gift ideas and then try them yourself.

#1 Iron On

Materials needed: Laserjet print on normal paper (flipped horizontal), wood, tape, and an iron.

Process: Tape the paper and iron it onto the wood. Don't let it cool down. Then peel back print to create and imprint of the image on the wood.

#2 Wood Transfer

Materials needed: Laserjet print on normal paper (flipped horizontal), wood, matte gel, mod podge, brush & cloth.

Process: Paint wood with matte gel. Be generous and smooth it out. Place photo face down. Smooth out the creases. Leave it to dry for eight hours. Gently wipe off paper with a rag. Now add the mod podge top the top of the print.

#3 Pano Lamp

Materials needed: Photo printed on a transparency, tape, a lamp.

Process: Tape the photo transparency around the lamp.

#4 Eternal Flame

Materials needed: Negatives, tape, candle holder, candle.

Process: Tape the negative around the candle holder and then light the candle.

#5 Lantern

Materials needed: Photo printed on transparency, lantern, tape, candle.

Process: Measure and cut the transparency. Slip the pieces into the lantern. Light the candle in the lantern.

#6 Wax Wonder

Materials needed: Laserjet print on normal paper, wax paper, hair dryer, candle.

Process: Cut out the wax paper. Hold the paper around the candle. Turn on the hair dryer. The candle wax will melt slightly. Then pull off the paper. Light the candle.