5 Reasons Why Patience Will Make You a Better Photographer: Tips from Pierre T. Lambert

In his latest how-to video, travel photographer Pierre T. Lambert discusses what he calls “the photographer’s superpower.” What is that you say? Well, to paraphrase Guns N’ Roses: “All you need is a little more patience.”

“There is always a time where I kind of feel it is not moving fast enough. Like when I’m trying to learn a new skill, I’m trying to become better at photography, and I feel like I’m not progressing,” Lambert says. “I feel like it’s slow. I feel like it’s not fast enough. And I was reflecting on the topic the other day and thought: why don’t we talk about patience? Patience is like a superpower. And there are five big reasons you need to be patient in photography.”

In the video below, Lambert discusses these five reasons you need patience, noting “three of them are going to be very obvious, and two of them are going to be a little more tricky.”

#5 Patience to Wait for the Right Light

#4 Patience to Wait for the Right Subject

#3 Patience to Wait for the Right Weather

#2 Patience to Sharpen Different Skills

#1 Patience to Improve and Succeed

Watch the inspiring video below and then go visit Lambert’s excellent YouTube channel for more photography how-to videos.