5 MUST HAVE Accessories for Travel & Nature Photos (VIDEO)

All photographers strive for a creative edge that makes shooting more fun and convenient while delivering images that stand out from the crowd. And there are several affordable accessories that will help you do all that—particularly when shooting travel and nature photos.

In the video below, Australian landscape pro Ben Fewtrell reveals the five accessories he never leaves home without when shooting landscape and seascape images. He quickly explains how he employs these helpful tools, and provides links to where you can find them in the description beneath the video.

Fewtrell says, “Theses are the accessories that help me capture stunning landscape photos every time,” Best yet, from tripods and filters to bags and more, this gear won’t break the bank and “will take your photography skills to a whole new level.”

First on Fewtrell’s list is the humble and extremely helpful L-bracket that many photographers ignore. As he explains, this gadget enables you to shift your camera from vertical to horizontal orientation on a tripod while precisely maintaining the center of gravity over the mounting plate.

You’ll also see why and how Fewtrell always uses a wireless remote shutter release that he carries on his belt with a small clip. He considers this gadget indispensible for shooting with long exposures.

Fewtrell demonstrates how he uses a collapsible Hoodman Loop. This handy gadget enables him to preview fine details on the camera’s LCD, even under bright lighting conditions, simply by fine-tuning the dial on the front of the loop. He also reveals the filters he relies upon when shooting outdoors.

So what’s Fewtrell “most important accessory”? You’ll have to watch the video to find out. And after you do, head over to his YouTube channel for more great advice.

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