5 Cool Lighting Tricks to Help You Shoot Stunning Portraits

Here's a quick and fun portrait photography tutorial from Jessica Kobeissi. In the below video she shows you five creative lighting ideas you can try on your next photo shoot.

In the video, Kobeissi demonstrates the following lighting tricks using relatively easy-to-find items, while photographing model Amelia Zelenak.

#1 Pinlight

  • Avoid prolonged exposure in eyes. Be careful when using.

#2 Party Light

  • Be cautious & avoid prolonged eye exposure

#3 Mini Projector

  • Choose a YouTube video or cool graphic/photo

#4 Chandelier Crystal

  • Iridescent crystals work best

#5 Candle

  •  Don't light your house on fire. Or your friend. Use caution and make sure candle is saft to hold & not hot.

In the description to the video, you'll find links on where to buy the pinlight, party light and mini projector on Amazon. Visit Kobessi's YouTube channel for more awesome photography tutorials.