13 Things You Should Know Before Photographing Fall Colors (VIDEO)

Fall isn’t officially upon us yet – many people consider the first day of autumn to be the autumnal equinox, which is on September 22nd this year – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get ready to start photographing fall foliage. In fact, now’s as good a time as ever and if you’re looking for some advice autumn photography, pro landscape photographer Mark Denney shares 13 things you should know before capturing fall colors this year in the below video.

“Fall is by far my favorite season for photography, but unfortunately it lasts just a few short week's which makes planning imperative in order to make the most of this magical time of year,” Denney says. “And in this video, I'll review the 13 fall photography tips and tricks that have helped me out the most over the years in hopes that some of these will be new to you and you can apply them during the upcoming weeks.”

Denney also includes “the just released 2022 foliage prediction map” in his below tutorial, which he uses every year to plan his fall photography trips. Watch below as he explains and demonstrates these 13 things you should do while planning and preparing for fall photography.

#1 Fall Foliage Map

#2 The Fog Whisperer

#3 Good Bad Weather

#4 Drop the Aperture

#5 Throwing Shade

#6 Polarize It, But Not Too Much

#7 The Supporting Character

#8 Frame It Up

#9 Get Close: Textures & Patterns

#10 Color Contrast & ICM

#11 Calibrate It

#12 Color Grade It

#13 Color Dodge