Stan Sholik

Stan Sholik  |  Jun 01, 2009  |  0 comments

AC-powered electronic flash units fall into two distinct categories: systems with a power pack to which individual heads are connected, and self-contained units where the power unit is a part of the head itself.

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Whether it's ambient light or light we provide, light is always available for photography. Controlling that light to give the exposure level, quality, and mood we desire is the goal of every photographer. And tools that allow us to achieve that goal in the simplest, easiest, most cost-effective manner are the ones that last in the marketplace. That explains why the Scrim Jim...

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Let's clear one thing up right away. The Lastolite HiLite background, distributed by Bogen Imaging, is easily the most versatile lighting accessory of recent years, and possibly of all time. No matter if you are a studio or location photographer, commercial, portrait, wedding, or fashion/beauty photographer, film or digital, you will find an infinite number of ways to use...