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We’ve talked a lot in the past about the difficulty of properly exposing landscape photos, because of ever-changing light and the wide range of brightness that often occurs within the frame. It’s often just as challenging, for different reasons, to attain proper focus—an equally critical consideration.

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Portrait photographers are always keen to capture their subjects in the best light. One common request from the people you are photographing is to make them look thinner.

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OK, listen up: Todays topic is “bokeh balls” and we don’t want any off-color comments! So what exactly are bokeh balls, and how to they affect your images? Simply put, they are spherical out-of-focus highlights that add interest and impact to all sorts of photos.

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Over the past two days we’ve featured tutorials highlighting the exciting updates Adobe has made with both Lightroom version 12 and Photoshop 2023. These changes are both numerous and significant, and we encourage you to take a look.

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If you're a beginner photographer who has gotten bored with shooting everything in fully automatic mode, you've likely thought of experimenting with your camera's manual settings. And the first setting you've probably considered adjusting is the lens' aperture.

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Many photographers either ignore or struggle with portrait photography because they think sophisticated lighting equipment, advanced skills, and a well-equipped studio are an absolute necessity. We’re going to debunk that fallacy in the straightforward tutorial below.

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This is the time of year when Adobe updates all their apps, adding powerful new features, enhanced usability, and greater speed. Yesterday we took a look at what Lightroom version 12 has to offer, and today we’ll do the same for Photoshop 2023.

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Masks may be one of the most misunderstood tools in all of Lightroom. Last week we shared a tutorial on how to use masks in Lightroom and how not to use them. Because if you don't use this tool properly, it really can ruin your photos.

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Spring and summer usually come to mind when most photographers think about shooting macro and close-up photos, when budding flowers, insects and other creepy-crawlies are just about everywhere you look. But if you’ve already stashed your macro lens for the year, you may have second thoughts after watching the video below.

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Adobe has updated Lightroom Classic to version 12, with a host of new features, greater functionality, and enhanced performance. In the quick tutorial below, one of Shutterbug’s favorite image-editing experts brings you up to speed.