The World’s Largest Photograph: 365 Gigapixels!

At 15,781 ft. above sea level Europe’s Mont Blanc doesn’t compare to the world’s tallest mountains, and it’s not one of the most difficult climbs. But thanks to an ambitious project led by Italian photographer Filippo Blengini, the peak does have the distinction of being the subject of the world’s largest photograph. Blengini and his international team managed the feat by shooting 70,000 images over a two-week period late last year to create the breathtaking, 365-gigapixel panorama of the mountain.

The actual shooting took 35 hours using a Canon 70D with a Canon 400mm f/2.8 IS telephoto and a Canon 2X Extender. And that was just the beginning, because the project also entailed two months of post-production and numerous Photoshop files to create the final image that at 300dpi is roughly the same size as a soccer field.

Blengini explains the idea originated with the thought of combining his two greatest passions, technology and photography, “to give me the chance to honor this mountain in my personal way—allowing many people to enjoy it, appreciate it, and be conquered in the same way that happened to me.”

Blengini’s project is called “in2white” and you can browse the majestic, interactive panorama here: