What Lens Should You Buy for Landscape Photography? Here Are 3 Great Options

Buying the right lens for landscape photography is harder than it seems, mostly because there are so many options. According to photographer Mark Denney, it's hard for beginners to narrow down the choices.

Fortunately, he's here to help in the below video, which is a buying guide for landscape photography lenses.

"When I first got into landscape photography, I remember feeling completely overwhelmed by the many lens options available - wide angle lenses, prime lenses, telephoto lenses, the list went on and on. And the fact that camera lenses are such a large investment only added to the pressure and confusion when it came to making my first dedicated landscape photography lens purchase," Denney says.

"In this video, I review the three lenses I use for landscape photography and how best to use each of them. Not only are these three lenses completely different from a focal length perspective, but they all require a specific way in which to get the most out of them. The two lenses that require the most unique approach to how you use them are a wide angle and telephoto lens. I'll show you specific examples of images taken with each, so you can see how the lens being used can completely transform the final image. I'll also discuss multiple tips and best practices to get the most out of your wide angle and telephoto lens photography in hopes that the learning curve for each will be dramatically reduced for you."

Check out the video and then go visit Denney's excellent YouTube channel for more photography advice.