What It’s Like to Shoot with a 105-Year-Old Lens on a Sony Mirrorless Camera (VIDEO)

Ever wonder what it might be like to use an ancient lens on a brand new digital camera? Photographer Mathieu Stern did so he created a cool new video series where he does just that.

In the first installment of the "Weird Lens Challenge" series on YouTube (which we’ve embedded below), Stern mounts a 1910 folding camera lens onto a Sony A7 II mirrorless camera. The lens is an “Eastman Kodak Kodex /Topaz Boyer Paris f 6.3 120 MM,” according to Stern.

“After mounting it with a cardboard piece to keep it tightly blocked in a m42 macro tube, and then screw it on a m42 bellows, the lens was able to focus,” he explains. “Then the Bellow was screwed to a M42 to Nex Adaptor ring then to the Sony A7II .The Lens is incredibly sharp for a 105 years old lady but it also gives some strange lens flares and light leaks that are pretty dreamy.”

Watch the video below. You can see how the photographs from Stern’s experiment turned out on his blog.

(Via Reddit)