Watch Photographers & Tourists Flee as Locomotive Barrels Down Narrow "Train Street" in Vietnam

We often warn about the dangers of taking photos on active railroad tracks but it's almost impossible to avoid on notorious "train street" in Hanoi, Vietnam. As the below travel vlog from Alexatron shows, photographers and tourists could easily get killed on train street, but they keep coming back for more.

"There is a crazy residential street in Hanoi where speeding trains pass through every day," Irish YouTube vlogger Alexatron says.

"Tourists flock to the 'Train street' in the Old Quarter in Hanoi to see the trains race through a local street filled with cafes, bars and pedestrians. Whilst most people would argue that a train passing through their neighborhood is a crazy dangerous thing, the local Vietnamese people have turned it into a must-see tourist hot spot. Trust the Vietnamese to turn a curse into a blessing and a profit."

We don't know about you but this, to us, seems like a disaster waiting to happen…if it hasn't happened already. Word of warning fellow photographers: it may look like a cheap thrill but stay away from train street, unless, perhaps, you're photographing it from the safety of a balcony.

Via Boing Boing