Watch Nikon’s P900 Camera Take You to the Moon With Its Built-In 24-2000mm Zoom Lens (VIDEO)

The Nikon Coolpix P900 is a do-everything, 16-megapixel camera featuring a crazy, 83X built-in zoom lens. In the video below you can watch it get up close and personal with the moon from down here on earth.

For those who like to travel light, this camera literally replaces a body and bag full of lenses—thanks to its Nikkor ED-glass lens with an insane range of 24-2000mm (35mm equivalent).

We earlier featured another video using the P900 to photograph the moon, as well as well as one capturing surfers riding the waves at Diamond Head, Hawaii. So be sure to check those out after watching the moonshot below.

And for further superzoom reading, check out our review of the Nikon P900 here and our just posted review of the Sony RX10 III, which boasts a 24-600mm zoom and a 1-inch sensor.

Via PetaPixel