Watch How One Epic Photo Changed The World (VIDEO)

Everyone who is old enough remembers the captivating moment in 1968 when three NASA astronauts became the first humans to orbit the moon. In this stunning video from the National Geographic Short Film Showcase, three astronauts from that Apollo 8 mission reflect on their awe-inspiring experience 50 years ago and recount how one photograph they captured of planet Earth forever changed the way we see ourselves.

Nat Geo’s Short Film Showcase spotlights exceptional short works from filmmakers across the globe. The films are selected based upon their ability to depict “the power of science, exploration, and storytelling to change the world.”

This amazing 30-minute film entitled “Earthrise” was created by Emmanuel Vaughn-Lee using archival footage and interviews with astronauts Frank Borman, James Lovell, and William Anders, as they reflect on their awe-inspiring experience of viewing the Earth framed by the blackness of space.

As you’ll see, the iconic image they captured provided Earthlings with a perspective transcending national, political, and religious boundaries. Told 30 years after the Apollo 8 mission, “Earthrise” is a poignant reminder that our planet is a shared home to all of us.

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