Tamarkin Photographica Rare Camera Auction

Tamarkin Photographica will hold its seventeenth rare camera auction in New York City on June 3, 2005. There will be over 250 lots of rare and unusual photo gear including a 1000mm Nikkor f6,3 for the Nikon rangefinder that will have an estimate of over $45,000, a chrome Leica MP, Leica A Elmax, Leica 250 GG, a beautiful black Nikon S3, and an exceedingly rare black Nikkor J camera.

For more information either call Stan Tamarkin at 877-842-6441 or send an email to auctions@tamarkin.com. The auction catalogue will be posted at www.tamarkin.com early in May and the illustrated auction catalogue will be available at the same time.