Supermodel Captures Amazing GoPro Video Flying Over Active Volcano in a Wingsuit (VIDEO)

In our second “don’t-try-this-at home” post of the day (here's the first one), there’s this amazing GoPro video of supermodel/skydiver Roberta Mancino as she flies over active volcano Villarrica in Chile. She began her jump at 15,000 feet, before gliding to safety in a parachute.

Mancino used two helmet-mounted GoPros and one on her chest, and was joined by two base jumpers who shot footage from above. She documents her many extreme exploits on her Instagram page. She was also named “World’s Sexiest Female Athlete” by Men’s Fitness.

The Villarico volcano is located some 460 miles South of Santiago. Watch the video below and prepare to be amazed.