Student Union - Trevor Hart

Trevor Hart
Cosby High School
Midlothian, Virginia

The Roots
Photography courses at Cosby High mean film photography, from image capture to developing and printing. If digital files are needed, prints are scanned. Which doesn’t bother Trevor, who is going into his senior year and third year of photo instruction. The look of film suits his style just fine. “I think it’s good to learn the roots first,” he says, “to find out where it all came from.”

Trevor says he instinctively knows “what will work, what will make a cool picture, and what it will look like when I print it.” He rarely directs his subjects: “Most of the time it just clicks. They seem into what they’re doing and aren’t that aware of me. I bring my camera most of the time wherever I go with my friends…I think they’re just comfortable with me.”

He’s hoping to major in photography in college, but he’s not sure about making it a career.

And he does have a digital camera. “I got one for my birthday, and I’m making the transition.”

All Photos © 2010, Trevor Hart, All Rights Reserved

Trevor Hart was recommended by James F. Linkowitz, photography teacher at Cosby High School.

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