Sirui VH-10 Professional Fluid Video Head

Argraph Corporation has introduced the new Sirui VH-10 Video Head.

The world of videography has quickly changed over the past few years. Many photographers have realized the need and advantage of shooting videos. The introduction of DSLRs and lower priced modular video cameras that can produce professional quality videos, has accelerated this trend.

Along with the growth of video has come the need for high quality video heads that are compact in size, but provide the control needed to produce videos with smooth pans, controlled tilts and seamless transitions. The SIRUI VH-10 Professional Fluid Video Head is a compact video head designed for today's photo/videographers.

While this precision-machined aluminum video head weighs only 1.98lb (0.9kg), it can easily handle camera systems (camera, lens, grip, lights, etc.) weighing up to 13.2lb (6kg)! And to keep everything level, it has a 4.4lb (2kg) built-in counterbalance system.

The panning resistance is preset to provide amazingly smooth 360° pans and can be locked in position when you need precise framing. The SIRUI designed fluid head tilting mechanism lets you steplessly dial in the amount of resistance you need - producing the smooth, professional looking movement you demand, whether you're working with a heavy or lightweight camera system.

When the Tilt Control Knob has no resistance, the head can quickly be moved to the desired angle. The counterbalance mechanism helps to bring the head back to a neutral position when you tilt the head - this helps camera balance and reduces unsteady tilt sequences, even when no resistance is set. As you increase the resistance, or drag, you noticeably smooth out the look of your tilts. When you combine the smooth panning motion with properly selected drag for tilting, you will achieve a very fluid, professional look and feel to your videos. You can also lock panning and/or tilting, so no movement occurs at all.

Since you will be using different camera/lens combinations, you will need to make forward and backward camera position adjustments on the video head, for proper balance and alignment. The VH-10 Quick Release Platform can do this very quickly and easily. It has a dual safety lock system to prevent the camera from accidentally falling off when the primary locking mechanism is loosened. You must push the secondary release button to remove the camera from the video head. Very safe!

The VH-10's telescoping handle lets you tilt the system without forcing you to lean forward or at an awkward angle. The head and monopod do all of the work for you.

To make horizontal alignment of your camera system simple, there are 2 bubble levels on the SIRUI VH-10 Video Head – one on the base of the head (to make sure your tripod is properly aligned) and one on top of the head (to check alignment of the camera).

Sirui Tripods are distributed in the U.S exclusively by Argraph Corporation and are available from retailers nationwide. As with all Sirui products, the new VH-10 Video Head comes with a 6-year warranty.

The Sirui VH-10 Professional Fluid Video Head has an estimated street price of approximately $199.95.

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