Simple Portrait Trick: Learn How to Use a Mirror to Add Color and Depth to Your Photographs (VIDEO)

Some photographers shy away from portraiture because they believe this form of photography requires a sophisticated studio with a lot of expensive lighting gear. But in this quick tutorial photographer Mark Wallace demonstrates how to make compelling portraits in a small room with just one light and a mirror.

Wallace is a Phoenix-based pro with an impressive portfolio and a large following for the workshops he teaches throughout the country. After watching this eight-minute tutorial we’re pretty sure you’ll be capturing better portraits than you ever thought possible with a minimum of gear.

When shooting in the studio, Wallace says he likes to experiment with a variety of innovative techniques, “with no expectation of success.” The mirror trick in this tutorial was one such experiment that really paid off. And best yet, this method is as simple as it is successful.

You can find more shooting tips on the AdoramaTV YouTube channel, and be sure to watch an earlier Wallace video we posted in which he reveals what he considers to be the best lens for portrait photography.