Shutterbug Photo of the Day: “Two Trees, Two Tries” by Scott E. Zimmermann

Our Shutterbug Photo of the Day by Scott E. Zimmermann features the dark, lacy forms of the delicate tree branches in stark contrast to the rich red and deep blue tones of the sky.

“I have visited this spot many times in the past, but always in search of wildlife," writes Zimmermann. "Each time I passed these two trees I vowed to bring a tripod and a wider lens to get this great shot. Inevitably I would forget the next time, and have exactly the same conversation with myself. One Saturday morning I finally made the effort and got a great shot. Then later that day my memory card mysteriously disappeared, so I was forced to revisit the spot for a second day, and was rewarded with this scene. Big Island Wildlife Area, Central Ohio.” 

This image was captured with a Canon 70D camera and18mm at ISO 100 with a slight EV reduction.

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