Shoot Gorgeous Natural Light Portraits at Home with This Easy Setup (VIDEO)

Let’s face it: Portraiture can be challenging for those of us without a studio and a bunch of expensive lighting gear. But it is possible to make pro-quality images at home with nothing more than whatever camera you own, a cheap background, and available light.

Anita Sadowska is an accomplished fashion, portrait, and boudoir photographer, and in the behind-the-scenes video below she demonstrates how easy it is to capture intimate portraits illuminated by natural light. Of course it helps to have a beautiful model, but that one’s on you.

Sadowska shot the sultry photos in the tutorial at home, with an expenditure of less than $50 (including the requisite can of olive oil spray), and you can do the same. She provides links to the equipment used in the description below the video, and includes a link to her favorite budget studio gear for those who want to spend a few more bucks.

While Sadowska’s model has obviously done this before, you’ll pick up some valuable posing tips for photographing inexperienced subjects. It’s important to direct a novice model properly, and make her feel confident and comfortable, and Sadowska demonstrates those skills as well.

Sadowska provides three basic “looks” to emulate, for photographers just getting started. After mastering those you can branch out and develop a style of your own. She also includes exposure information for all the images in the video, which further simplifies the process.

There are tips for shooting indoors and out, under bright and diffused lighting, and you’ll see how using a low perspective can add a dramatic look to your portraits. After watching the video, be sure to head over to Sadowska’s YouTube channel for more helpful videos.

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