Sekonic has announced the new L-558R DUALMASTER multi-function light meter with wireless triggering built-in. This new light meter offers the advantage of triggering cameras and flash units wirelessly. Fully compatible with the PocketWizard Plus Receivers and MultiMAX Transceivers, it also triggers earlier PocketWizard radio systems.

Similar to the original L-558, the new Sekonic L-558R DUALMASTER is said to be the world's most sensitive multi-function light meter, reading reflected flash down to f/2 (at ISO 100). There's no optional radio module to purchase and install, it's all built. With wireless control you can trigger individual cameras and flash units remotely, without wires, using its 16/24 bit, digitally encoded radio signal.

The L-558R includes Sekonic's built-in retractable Lumisphere. Simply turn the selector knob to extend it for 3D incident readings, or retract it for a narrow incident metering angle that's ideal for brightness evaluations, lighting ratio setups or precise readings of flat subjects. The L-558R is also a true 1-degree spotmeter, with a parallax-free viewfinder and in-finder, illuminated digital display showing apertures in tenths, shutter speeds up to 1/8000 sec, and exposure compensation values.

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