Scott Kelby Has an Easy Way to Shoot Beautiful Outdoor Portraits (Shutterbug Video)

Shooting outdoor portraits in natural light seems easy, right, especially on a sunny day. Well, it may be easy to shoot them, but you won’t, necessarily, get flattering shots if you don’t know how to use the sun to your advantage.

Oftentimes, outdoor portraits on a sunny day will look too harsh, with the sun blowing out details and making your subjects look squinty. There is, however, a simple way to shoot great daylight portraits and all you need is a cheap piece of gear, according to Shutterbug’s Scott Kelby.

In the below video, Kelby explains how to use a 1-stop diffuser to capture attractive portraits in outdoor natural light. And, as he notes in the video, you can get these types of diffusers for as little as $10.

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