Picture This!
High Sensitivity: Photos Made At ISO 800 And Above

The Picture This! assignment for this month was High Sensitivity, pictures taken at ISO 800 and beyond. Readers sent in a host of images that took advantage of high-speed settings on their digital cameras and on high-speed film. At those speeds images made in very low light become available, and many more "chances" are taken with pictures that in the past might have been obscured through underexposure or excessive grain. In addition, high ISO settings allow for more spontaneous handheld shooting in many more lighting situations.

Santa Monica Sunset

Taken after a Santa Ana storm, this shot of the Santa Monica Pier was made by Snehendu Kar with a Nikon D100 and Tamron 28-300mm lens at ISO 800; exposure was f/8 at 1/10 sec.
© 2006, Snehendu Kar, All Rights Reserved

King St. Action

Wayne Tomlinson made this complex shot on King St. in Charleston, South Carolina, with an Olympus Stylus Epic loaded with Fujicolor 1600 film.
© 2006, Wayne Tomlinson, All Rights Reserved

Cathedral At Night

The lights on St. Francis Cathedral in Santa Fe, New Mexico, were captured by David Goldberg with a Canon EOS 20D and Tamron SP AF28-75mm lens. Exposed at ISO 1600, Goldberg shot at f/5 at 1/8 sec.
© 2006, David Goldberg, All Rights Reserved

In A Haze

Chris Jordan made this shot at night from the back of a concert stage with a Fujifilm FinePix F10 at ISO 1600. Exposure was f/4.7 at 1/200 sec.
© 2006, Chris Jordan, All Rights Reserved

Grand Central Rendezvous

Made with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel, this photo by Bruce Mermelstein was made at ISO 1600 with an exposure of f/9 at 1/30 sec.
© 2006, Bruce Mermelstein, All Rights Reserved

Formations At Night

Todd Pizzini worked with a Pentax 67 with a 90mm lens and exposed Provia 400 film pushed to EI 1600 to garner this wondrous view in Arches National Park. His exposure was f/4 at 25 seconds.
© 2006, Todd Pizzini, All Rights Reserved


Using a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT, Tom Backer caught this delicate jellyfish in mid-float at the Long Beach (California) Aquarium. At ISO 800, his exposure was f/4 at 1/15 sec.
© 2006, Tom Backer, All Rights Reserved

Northern Lights

Taken in Fairbanks, Alaska, the amazing lay of Northern Lights was photographed by Lance Parrish with a Nikon D1X set at ISO 800 and an exposure of f/2.8 at 7 seconds.
© 2006, Lance Parrish, All Rights Reserved

Candle Lit

Tom Sergent photographed Amber Mulsow with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT and Canon 18-55mm lens. Exposure at ISO 1600 was f/3.5 at 1/5 sec.
© 2006, Tom Sergent, All Rights Reserved

Architectural Play

Taken at night in Cashman Field, Las Vegas, this minimalist composition was made by Brian Orr with a Canon EOS 20D and Tamron 28-300mm lens. Exposure handheld was f/4.5 at 1/10 sec.
© 2006, Brian Orr, All Rights Reserved