Photo Lighting Tips: Comparing the Orlit Rovelight System to Flashpoint/Godox in the Studio

Here’s a loosey-goosey studio lighting tutorial from Photo-Me-Ike where he tests out the new Orlit Rovelight 610 TTL system to see if it’s a viable alternative to the popular and relatively inexpensive Flashpoint (aka Godox) system.

In the video, Ike works with his favorite model, Shelby, while testing out the various features during a studio shoot. The video is part review, part tutorial as Ike shows how he uses the Orlit Rovelight 610 and his other lighting gear to get some beautiful portraits of Shelby.

In particular, he talks about how to use wardrobe changes and light adjustments to create different looks and moods; the effectiveness of the Orlit wireless trigger to adjust light intensity; why he loves modifiers like grids; and the importance of modeling lights.

Overall though it’s a behind-the-scenes look at how a working pro adapts to using a new lighting system in the studio to shoot some attractive portraits. See more of Ike’s tutorials on his YouTube page. You should also check out this tutorial with five tips for using a beauty dish to capture gorgeous portraits like a pro.